CFC Waste Water Treatment Programs Include:



  • Coagulants
  • Flocculants
  • Heavy Metal Precipitates
  • Defoamers and Anti-Foamers
  • Specialty Feed Equipment

Call the experts at Cape Fear Consulting to help meet and exceed your water treatment goals. Our representatives participate and receive MSHA New Miner Training and yearly schedule 46 updates.

What are you water treatment Needs and Concerns?
Green Chemistry Programs for:

Industrial and Municipal Reduction of  Mining Industry  Potable
BOD Reduction of Pond Fouling Reduction of Turbidity
COD  Clear Wash Water Corrosion Control
Oil and Gas  Ultra Clean Stone Mixed Bed Resins
Heavy Metals  Increased Fine Removal
Ammonia  Improved Dredging
Phosphates On Site Service and Testing
Suspended Solids